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Experts suggest the find Contrary to popular belief, Jesus of the New Testament is a mythic figure, not a historic one. Nowhere outside scripture has he ever existed and this is proven in his life as an astrological allegory For centuries, humans have believed that the celestial realm could influence everyday life. This is the basis of astrology.

The rise and fall of kingdoms and the fortunes of individuals have all been Top New Stories. The Inca Empire was a superpower that was centered on the western coast of South America. This prevailing civilization flourished between the 15th and 16th centuries, and at its height of power it In ancient Greek mythology, Medusa is the most famous of three monstrous sisters known as the Gorgons. The Ancient Pagan Origins of Easter. Human Origins. It doesn't take much to stimulate the human body's electro-magnetic circuitry, in fact a small change in the local environment is enough to create a change in awareness.

People who visit ancient The origins of human beings according to ancient Sumerian texts. Where are Ashkenazi Jews from?

Their Origins May Surprise You. Do you dare enter a fairy ring? The mythical mushroom portals of the supernatural. Pangu and the Chinese Creation Story. Ancient Technology. The revolutionary invention of the wheel. Ancient Places. More than a dozen tunnels have been found in Cornwall, England, that are unique in the British Isles.

No one knows why Iron Age people created them. Predictions made by astrologers vary wildly from the vague to the specific — though most often they are extremely vague or at least vaguely in line with what most people think based on looking at the world around them, rather than the sky above. There will be more flooding than ever before, unexpected hurricanes, tornadoes, typhoons and storms and towns and cities will disappear in the twinkling of an eye" [20] — which most climatologists suggest may well occur due to global warming.

Indeed, other items mentioned in that prediction include "more products using nanotechnology ", as if the increased use of a scientific buzzword was somehow only predictable through reading the stars and "expect to see huge growth in digital information clouds. Generally, the more vague a prediction, the higher the chance it has of coming true. More accurately, the higher the chance that it can be interpreted as having been true after the fact, or retroactively reinterpreted as having not occurred because of some good graces.

This can be seen most easily in the form of astrology that most people are familiar with; the horoscope. A horoscope is a prediction or advice based only on someone's date of birth, or more commonly in newspapers and magazines, for instance their zodiac sign , of which there are Given that there are more than 6 billion people on Earth, at least one horoscope in every publication applies to more than million people from the pigeonhole principle. It is a clear fact that half a billion people do not have the same experiences each day, so the power of these predictions cannot be as widely and universally applied as is claimed.

Another trick used by astrologers is to give information that almost sounds like a contradiction. For example "You are an independent thinker who values the insight of others", or "You stay true to your plans but are very adaptable". If you are a Capricorn an introverted sign but you have a Leo moon very extroverted , you can relate to one or the other depending on whether you feel more extroverted or introverted.

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People are incredibly complex, so throwing out more adjectives for every planet position will certainly make people think that their birth charts mean anything. If they disagree with any of the adjectives, the astrologer will simply say that a certain aspect of their chart causes them to differ. The Forer effect is where an over-generalised reading can be interpreted as very accurate by many people simultaneously. Often, Forer-type readings are very flattering or complimentary, but they can also mention hidden criticisms and insecurities that people realise they experience, but might not attribute to others and certainly like to hide.

Therefore, by including statements like "you try to be bold, but worry about what other people might think of your actions and hesitate" you can give the impression you really did figure out new knowledge. James Randi once replicated an experiment to demonstrate how people can basically be "tricked" into thinking a horoscope is accurate. A number of students were asked their zodiac and given the appropriate horoscope to read. They were then asked to grade how accurate they felt the horoscope was regarding their selves and a significant number, if not the majority, gave their horoscopes scores ranging from 4 to 5 the maximum.

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Later they were asked to pass along their personal horoscope to the person behind them where the "trick" was revealed; they had all been given the same horoscope. With a careful selection of language, phrases and tone, it is almost impossible for a horoscope to not to be applicable to someone. Like many protosciences , astrology provided the original foundation of a modern science, in its case astronomy. As scientists started trying to understand what the bright things we see in the sky are, where they are, and their relationship to each other, astrology was able to provide some thousands of years of observations to develop hypotheses from.

After all, mystics spent so much time gazing at the sky that it was inevitable some useful information would slip into human knowledge. To a lesser extent, horoscopes - which would include fairly accurate astronomical data - of figures in the past and clear mentions of what were then "astrological" events may help modern historians with efforts to assign accurate dates to the past.

Whatever you do, however, do NOT confuse astrology with astronomy when talking to an astronomer—you will be soundly rebutted and possibly insulted. Even Chuck Norris wouldn't dare to mix up the two professions. Want ads in China have been known to discriminate against certain star-signs. If you are a Scorpio, good luck finding a job there. We wish we were making this up. The earth rotates on an axis tilted about This is called Axial precession. According to the astrologers, the change from one age to the other can cause the rise and fall of civilizations, cultural changes, and all sorts of shit.

There is disagreement among astrologers over whether this "age" has already started, or is forthcoming. Some of them interoperated astrology and apocalypse theories and claimed that Age of Aquarius will occur in , leading to all sorts of spectacular good shit such as free energy and "spiritual growth".

One clever thing astrologers have done is make each zodiac sign have a flaw that could lead to not believing in astrology. The problem with all of this is that it gives astrologers an easy way to get out of an argument about astrology's legitimacy — "Oh, of course you don't believe! None of these links are endorsed by RationalWiki but are presented for your amusement only as examples of the genre.

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See the main article on this topic: Forer effect. Girl in audience : You're a Sagittarius! Yes that's right, that's right baby I love you. I'm a Sagittarius. I know. I read up on you The most philosophical of all the signs.

The Zodiac and Ptolemy’s Contributions to Western Astrological Tradition

So am I. But anyway, I don't believe in it. I don't either I think it's a bunch of bullshit, myself. But I tell you this man I don't know what's gonna happen, man, but I'm gonna have my kicks before all the whole shithouse goes up in flames.

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Where was I? Astrology is superstition. The only stars I can blame for my failures are those that walk about the stage. They offer more detailed readings for a fee, spamming then goes on and on. Lee T.

Mystery Cults in the Greek and Roman World

Like you didn't see that one coming, right? I, pp. Namespaces Page Talk. Views Read Edit Fossil record. Support Donate.

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Some, maybe most of them have planets — planets that shine with borrowed light. Some names stick even when they make no sense.

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Each month has about four weeks because they are stand-ins for the phases of the moon. There are four quarters in the total lunar cycle, so each week represents one quarter of the cycle. In order, they are:.