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However, their role in their work is the factor of these controversies. Cofer Black, vice chairman of Blackwater In March , Cofer Black, vice chairman of Blackwater USA, allegedly suggested at an international conference in Amman, Jordan, that the company was ready to move towards providing security professionals up to brigade size 3,—5, for humanitarian efforts and low-intensity conflicts.

Critics have suggested this may be going too far in putting political decisions in the hands of privately owned corporations. Adame, who had served as a State Department official in Iraq recounted, "I saw them shoot people, I saw them crash into cars while I was their passenger. There was absolutely no reason, no provocation whatsoever. The Iraqi government announced that Xe must leave Iraq as soon as a joint Iraqi-US committee finishes drafting the new guidelines on private contractors under the current Iraqi-US security agreement.

Umm Tahsin, widow of one of the men killed by Xe employees in the Nisoor Square shooting, said of the denial, "Those people are a group of criminals. What they did was a massacre. Pushing them out is the best solution. They destroyed our family. United States House of Representatives.

Retrieved on National Public Radio. Retrieved on 28 February Associated Press. The Virginian-Pilot. Embassy's Preferred Contractor Accused of Killings". The Washington Post.

Looks for Blackwater Replacement in Iraq". The New York Times. The Associated Press.

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Newsweek: 36— USA Today. IPS News. Security Firm". Fox News. Harper's Magazine.

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Hillhouse The Spy Who Billed Me. San Diego Reader. Democracy Now!. Blackwater brand shift: Security to take back seat. Blackwater USA. Media Mouse. Baltimore Chronicle. The Weekly Standard. Star Manila - Senator to look into mercenary list-up, exercises in Subic Security Contractors Open Fire in Baghdad". Washington Post.

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Broder Nov 13, Inter Press Service. BBC News. Frontline PBS. May 6, New York Times.

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San Jose Mercury News. ABC News. Washington Post Press release. Retrieved Link inactive. Two active links added Security Contractors in Iraq Newsweek: p. Plans Tighter Control of Security Firm". September 23, VS Verlag. ISBN McClatchy Newspapers. United States Department of State.

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  • Home Office. Council of the European Union. New York Post. Committee on Oversight and Government Reform. Papers Tell of Coverup". Rubin Officials Say". Los Angeles Times. Washington Post - Outlook and Opinions. The history and evolution of private military companies from the dirty wars in Laos to the War on Terror to the failed coup attempt in Iraq. Features exclusive interviews with Erik Prince and observations from time on the ground with Blackwater and Greystone.

    Moonen Legal issues Helvenston et al. See Copyrights for details.

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    Among the subjects discussed here, were count the followings: the development and the filtration of ideas, concept development, the segmentation and the positioning of the new product in the brand portfolio, the test of the concept and the launch of new products for the marketing prospective , the commercialization of new products media and advertising.

    Brandactivity, th of November Camera de Comert si Industrie Bucuresti, George Assan hall The first edition of Brandactivity gathered about marketers entry and midlevel, from Romanian and international companies.

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    The event brought a systematic visualization of the necessary steps to be made in the creation and the execution of branding strategies. The guest of the event was Eric M.