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So basically, this remains true no matter what else exists in your charts, and that kind of certainty is rare in any astrological reading. A pattern describes a relationship between two people of the same sign. In this sun sign pattern, the strengths and weaknesses are magnified in both of you. You must be careful not to swing between these two extremes, or the relationship can crash and burn.

A pattern describes a relationship between two signs that fall right next to one another on the zodiac wheel. So, according to Linda Goodman , relationships between these pairings would be considered a pattern:. In these combinations, one person plays the teacher, and the other the student. There is something about this relationship that involves spiritual life lessons.


There's a compassion inherent between the individuals, and a patient understanding for the other partner's differences, which there will be many. A pattern describes a relationship between two signs that fall three or eleven spaces apart from one another on the zodiac wheel, respectively. According to Goodman's book , combinations in this pattern include:. These combinations of signs will be fast friends, get along well with one another, although they'll likely be annoyed by one another and probably find themselves bickering a lot.

That said, the trust and love between these individuals makes any argument easy to overcome, and the friendship that ties them together will be lasting, even if the romantic relationship ends. A pattern describes a relationship between two signs that fall four or 10 spaces apart from one another on the zodiac wheel, respectively.

This is tough one, kids.

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I mean if you've ever been in a relationship that was marked by a pattern, you probably noticed how difficult it is to get along. This statement is amazing. This is the secret to love. This girl will never lie to you. How she feels and what she thinks are identical with how she acts and what she says…Her heart is defenseless. The three are inseparable, because when she gives her love, her friendship trots right along beside it. She fell in love with you many years ago, when she was a little girl and wished on the new Moon for someone to share her honest heart.

There were lots of times when she thought she had found you and was disappointed. But when you finally came along, she knew you right away, because you were a gentle clown with a dream or two of your own who took her hand and showed her the way to the stars.

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I can assure you that a September birthday is no guarantee of virginity. Although lots of Virgos remain bachelors and spinsters, there are also plenty who finally settle into connubial bliss. See that gentle, attractive man over there in the comer, with the thesaurus under his arm? The one with the tick-tock mind, clicking away the hours neatly and methodically noticing the smallest details? See that quiet girl with the beautiful, soft eyes, waiting for the bus?

Notice her spick-and-span white gloves, her cool manner. They sometimes make attempts to follow the party routine, through pure frustration, but. He probably is. Worry comes naturally to him. Although the ascendant and other natal positions can modify the typical Jack Spratt spare figure, you can generally look for a rather wiry build, and unusually lovely, quiet eyes.

Virgo eyes are often so astonishingly clear you can almost see your reflection in them. They sparkle with intelligence and clarity of thought. Most of them are extremely attractive, with delicate noses, ears and lips. Virgos are very critical of their own photographs and fussy in the extreme about how they look, both on film and in person.

Virgo Maurice Chevalier would rather be caught without a song than without his boutonniere and his tie tack. These people can stand more intense work over a longer period of time than the tougher, more brawny signs-if they can avoid a nervous breakdown in the process. Virgos are unquestionably dependable and sincere. At these times, the latent Virginian talent for acting comes forth. Occasionally, they manage to convince themselves of such imaginary ills, but the cool eye and clear head of Mercury-ruled people insure that most instances of such self-deception are short-lived.

They are fastidious and exacting in grooming, eating, working and romance. Your neat Virgo friend who looks as if he just stepped out of the shower probably just did. He takes more baths and showers than any four people you know put together. Sophia Loren is a Virgo, which should settle that point once and for all.

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But wait. Although they dream very few impossible dreams, Virgos often have the inconsistent trait of looking like lovely dreamers-as if they were all wrapped up in the very rainbows their logical minds refuse to believe in or follow. Some of the finest nurses are born under this sign, full of efficient sympathy and crisp capability. When you have a headache, your Virgo friend is the one most likely to run to the drugstore for you.

His bathroom medicine cabinet is usually loaded down with patent reliefs for stomach-ache, constipation, upset liver or acid indigestion.

Linda Goodman

Peek inside sometime. Virgos who travel often take their portable drugstores right along with them.

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They may carry an extra suitcase, just for the pills and bottles. Sometimes a Virgo will even tote his own water with him on trips. Virgos can tell you. When these people form habits, they form habits, and taking a vacation or a business trip is no excuse to break them. He may end up just leaving them in the suitcase, but his sleep will be restless. If the job you tackled has you so bogged down in boring details you despair of meeting the deadline, Virgo will roll up his sleeves and pitch in willingly.

Like the Libran, Virgo is quick to deny his habits and traits. He has an apparent blindness to his faults and he seems unable to see his own weaknesses in as clear a light as he sees everything else. Who, him? I pick up after them every second of the day. But things are still untidy when my husband gets home for dinner. Dirt breeds germs, and sickness spreads fast in a family. So this neatness thing about Virgos really annoys me.

Really, if you could see how they.

Scorpio And Scorpio Compatibility From Linda Goodman's Love Signs

Naturally, she carefully included a self-addressed, stamped envelope for a reply. You should be able to pick out a Virgo in a roomful of people with no trouble. At the same time, the facial expression will portray a certain tranquility, hke a mask. The discovery of the true ruler of a sign changes the characteristics of those born under it. To give only one example, during the period when both Aquarius and Capricorn were ruled by Saturn, the February-born, such as Abraham Lincoln, clearly showed the melancholy traits of that planet.

But when Uranus the symbol of electronics and space, and the true ruler of Aquarius was Discovered-in its proper time in the universal plan-. Many astrologers feel that Vulcan, the planet of thunder, will become visible through telescopes within a few years. Shortly before or after Vulcan moves close enough to the earth to be seen, Virgos now living, as weu as those born in the future, will lose much of the Mercurial ressure that causes the present nervous strain.

The thunderous Vulcan will also yvs to Virgos their astrological inheritance of courage and sonfidence, and will release many of the typical Virgo nhibitions.

Astrological Author Linda Goodman

Then each Sun sign will answer to the vibrations of its rightful ruler-twelve signs and twelve heavenly bodies. Many Virgos have a slight limp, or else some peculiar and unusual quality to the walk or posture. Strangely, as willing as Virgos are to give efficient service to others, they have an almost neurotic and intense dislike of accepting favors themselves. The deeply imbedded fear of dependence in old age is what makes many of them live so economically as to be called stingy.

Though he has absolutely no sympathy for beggars or idle wastrels, he is unfailingly generous when a friend is in trouble. The Virgo who is almost miserly where his personal needs are involved will make charming gestures of financial aid to those. Virgos labor hard for what they have, and extravagance never fails to shock them. They usually have a few sharp things to say about spendthrifts and people who are too lazy to work.

Actually, to be late is waste of a kind. So be punctual if you want to avoid his stinging disapproval. Add such meticulous and impeccable taste to the Sagittarius fire and warmth and you can see why he sells a song.