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Facing up to a matter that has caused you stress can be satisfying. You might choose to help someone out, do a good deed, or work on a home project. On the other hand, this energy can find you making big plans to handle a long overdue problem. The current Venus transit, lasting through to the end of the month, supports, enhances, and encourages you, dear Taurus. This cycle stimulates your desire for more variety and diversity in your life. Your tastes can be somewhat exotic now, and pleasingly so!

Sharing your personal philosophy with someone special can bring a relationship to a new level, or even attract a new one in some cases. Reliability is appreciated now! You can be anxious to go forward with something, and you feel more optimistic than you have in a while. The current Venus transit is particularly useful for digging a little deeper in a relationship or into your own psyche and enjoying the new insights you gain, dear Gemini.

Today’s Horoscope : Tuesday, 12 November

With your practical affairs today, you appreciate the simple truth. Resources may come to light, and you feel energetic when you explore different methods of doing the usual things. This is a strong time for career and practical matters as you seem to be especially willing to take charge and go after what you want. Projects seem to come together in magical ways, probably due to your confidence in them now. You are conciliatory during this cycle that lasts through to the end of the month, and others seem to be in your corner.

You are attracting appealing people, or positive and loving experiences with a person, into your life. Today, you can find yourself especially committed to a project, pursuit, or person. The current Venus transit can be a nice boost for your work and health, dear Leo, and it lasts through to the end of the month. In the weeks ahead, you may very well take pleasure in putting things into order. You can turn heads and make progress by showing your affection in practical ways. Work and charm tie in with one another during this cycle, and this can mean attractions on the job for some or improved social relations in the work environment.

Your ideas for work and methods are especially robust today, and your common sense can lead you to the right information. For those looking for a job or a new project, there can be good leads today.

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Fortunately, this inclination is likely to serve you best with current astrology. Today holds wonderful energy for coming to useful and pleasing agreements, dear Virgo. Feeling connected to something greater than yourself subtly lifts your spirits today, and showing your dedication to someone is pleasing as well.

The current Venus transit is an especially fortunate one for you, and it will stick around through to the end of the month. The current Venus transit is terrific for added warmth and beauty or harmony in your home or personal life, dear Libra, and it will stick with you throughout the rest of February. Your view of others is reasonable, and you enjoy seeing people and projects for who or what they are.

Familiarity is an aphrodisiac right now! Your efforts are recognized. You quite readily devote yourself to the task at hand now. The current Venus transit, active through the end of February, especially elevates and improves your conversations, learning endeavors, and connections with others, dear Scorpio. Love can be enhanced with satisfying communications, and people are drawn to your ideas and style. You can feel pleasantly devoted to a person or project today, and it feels good to focus on something important you rather than spreading your attention around.

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Creative juices are flowing, and romantic energy is vibrant. While you often prefer to take things as they come, this transit that lasts until the end of February brings on a more security-conscious theme in your life. Pamper yourself by centering yourself, through earthy activities that keep you in the here and now. This can be a favorable time for family or home pursuits, purchases, ventures, and improvements.

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Your realistic view of people and things today makes for solid decisions! As well, you may find an opportunity to support someone who needs your help either mentally, physically, or spiritually today. This is a strong time for paying special attention to a project, dear Capricorn, and thoroughly enjoying yourself as you do.

Your increased ability to focus, concentrate, and apply yourself to something you love is evident now. You might also be moved to help someone out or extend a hand with advice and information. Your charm is standout now, particularly with direct, respectful communications and approaches. Fortunately, people are taking you seriously right now!

While there is an outgoing theme in your life, in general, this month, dear Aquarius, you have Venus in your privacy sector through to the end of February. This Venus transit can bring private and deep energy to your love life, or more pleasure and happiness derived from behind-the-scenes, healing activities, retreat, rest, or solitude.

Today, you may be answering a call to service. You might also enjoy tying up some loose ends, especially financial ones. Today is particularly favorable for joining together with someone to negotiate or reach an agreement. You might enjoy coming through for someone, and others notice and appreciate your efforts for their benefit. Conversations can be learning experiences.

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The purple marker above shows where we are in the current moon phase cycle. A time to observe, feel, and process. We may pay special attention to our dreams, both of the night and day variety, and the subtle areas of our lives. Focusing on creativity, philanthropy, spirituality, and artistry can be beneficial. Build your intuition, slow down and rest.

Ideas flow freely and surface spontaneously. We express feelings and thoughts with clarity. We are busy, alert, curious, and communicative.

This can be an excellent time for cooperative projects. We are more courageous and able to take the lead. We are in tune with our natural desires and instincts. We express our feelings honestly. We are independent, resourceful, and brave. There may be the need to pause to adjust things before moving plans forward.

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February 5 Zodiac Sign, Personality, Love Compatibility

We could feel at odds with others on an emotional level. Public relations are not as favorable now. There may be clinging or controlling behavior if we are driven by our fears. Hypersensitivity and moodiness are possible. Tread lightly with tricky emotional issues. There is a good ability to successfully combine logic and intuition, and to understand problems taking into account the human element.