Lunar eclipse march 15 2020 astrology

Mercury will be telling some tales on Alan too!

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I recently had a text exchange with one of my favorite people on Planet Earth, Maria Wander. Everyone pretty much on the planet should have had some semblance of having to step up, with their own authority and have been challenged about having to stand on their own feet. There are big lessons around value and finances with Uranus in the early degrees of Taurus.

Full tilt for sure! Skip to content. Moon enters Aries. Mercury exits shadow.

Aries Monthly Horoscope

Moon enters Taurus. Sun square Neptune. Mercury enters Sagittarius. Mercury trine Chiron.

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Moon enters Gemini. Venus conjunct Saturn. Moon enters Cancer.

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Mars trine Neptune. Venus conjunct Pluto.

Eclipses in 2020. Solar and Lunar Eclipse Calendar. Schedule 2020 and Astrologer Tips

Mars sesquisquare Chiron. Saturn quintile Chiron. Moon enters Leo. Jupiter trine Uranus.

March 2007 lunar eclipse

Mars semisquare Jupiter. Moon enters Virgo. Mars sextile Saturn.

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January can be utilized for adjusting ambitions to contend with the limitations of material resources, while revisioning what you need to cultivate and what you need to shed. The Aries equinox will initiate the volatile second quarter of with a catalyzing conjunction between Mars, Jupiter, and Pluto in Capricorn that signals a shake-up of societal structures.

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The following day, Saturn will enter Aquarius on March 21 where it will remain until returning to Capricorn on July 1. The initial entrance of Saturn into Aquarius combined with the first conjunction between Jupiter and Pluto in early April can help expand the scope of long-term goals beyond previous restrictions, while discovering how to reorder priorities in accordance.

With the north node of the moon as well as Venus retrograde occupying Gemini, it will be important to value curiosity and be willing to consider new perspectives and values. As Venus will station direct on June 25 in the middle of a sequence of three eclipses in a row, Mercury moving retrograde in Cancer, and Jupiter uniting with Pluto for the second time, there will be social unrest as well as vital changes to adjust to within personal relationships during June and July.

Whatever changes in storylines will be set in motion during the eclipse season of June and July will be further intensified when Mars stations retrograde in Aries on September 9. The slowly burning retrograde fire of Mars will be the dominant theme of the final quarter of the year, as Mars retrograde will form intense square aspects with Saturn, Pluto, and Jupiter in Capricorn before stationing direct on November